Why should companies care about building mobile applications with Flutter?

The year is 2021, even with all the productivity that comes with remote working my team is still overwhelmed with client projects. My days are entirely consumed by writing new code, maintaining existing code, discussing new client projects and worrying about COVID19. ‘Is there a way to be more efficient in how we create our apps?’, I think.

This thought train led me to Flutter, at first, I thought flutter might just be great for prototyping new ideas at a fast pace. But I was entirely wrong. After 3 months of writing pet projects in Flutter. As a team, we decided to move all our apps to flutter. From a business standpoint, here is why Flutter should matter to you:

  1. Saves budget for development and maintenance.
    Flutter allows developers to write code once and deploy it on different platforms. Maintaining a single codebase for all platforms means a smaller and more efficient team.
  2. Less time coding and reviewing code means more time ideating and design thinking.
    From a business standpoint, imagine writing a feature on android and writing it again on ios or the web. With Flutter, there is no such redundancy. What that means for your team is more time collaborating with research teams, discussing how to approach problem-solving and ideating.
  3. Reduces the time it takes to move into the market.
    With Flutter comes a feature called hot reload. It allows developers to see the changes they make in real-time. This takes productivity to a whole new level. This means that it could potentially take less amount of time to get into the market.

All in all, Flutter fulfils all factors that businesses really care about, cost and time efficiency, regardless of the platform.

VJ Mabonga
VJ Mabonga

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